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Touch allows the therapist to identify areas of tension and soft tissue problems in the body. Massage therapy has positive effects on the central nervous system, the circulatory system, and the musculo-skeletal system of the body. Massage is great for reducing the negative effects of stress by inducing the relaxation response. Massage can:

  • Directly increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid.
  • Reduce muscle tension, re-set the body’s response to stress.
  • Improve your overall well being.
  • Identify potential areas of restrictions before they become a problem.

Therapists are trained in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiolgy to ensure adequate knowledge of the body and how it works. On-going and advanced training provides the therapist with a wide variety of modalities or techniques to address an extensive array of pathologies, complaints and concerns.

The benefits of massage are countless. As preventative health care, massage promotes vibrant, healthy skin, supports the immune system by facilitating lymphatic and blood flow and mitigates the negative effects of stress hormones. Massage therapy often reduces the need for pain and anti-inflammatory medications which can tax the liver and ultimately provides relief from many conditions.

Alleviates stress

Massage triggers the relaxation response, calms the central nervous system, releases endorphins, elevates mood and restores a sense of well being and balance.

Expedites injury recovery

Massage moves blood, lymphatic fluid and waste products from the injury site, allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients to be supplied. Soreness is lessened, swelling is reduced and the healing can proceed with minimal scarring and adhesions.

Reduces pain

Massage reduces tension, spasm, cramping, knotting & soreness in muscles. Blood and lymphatic flow are optimized. Flexibility, range of motion and mobility improve. Muscles reset to a more normal resting length. Massage releases endorphins and other hormone-like compounds known to reduce pain and elevate mood.

Complements preventative health care plans

Massage has great impact on both body and mind. Regular massage helps maintain full range of motion, improves circulation and helps identify areas of concern before they become a problem. Massage is an excellent adjunct to a fitness program, physical or occupational therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and other manual therapies.

Supports athletic performance

Perform better by minimizing your risk of injury by optimizing the overall health of soft tissue and shortening the recovery time from intense athletics. Massage improves joint mobility and range of motion.

Assists with pregnancy discomfort

Minimize stress and discomfort as your body prepares for childbirth with gentle therapeutic massage.

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